Thailand 2009 bangkok day 3

its our last night in bangkok. actually feeling a bit sad about we were on our own… just browsed around siam, bought a
couple t-shirts (that will probably end up shrinking in the wash), had
at a great food court.

Believe it or not, the highlight of today was watching the new Avatar
movie in 3D. What an amazing movie. James Cameron seriously has outdid
himself. A must see movie – and if you can see it in 3D at IMAX. its

how time flies when you’re in those huge never-ending multi-level
shopping malls.

south africa can learn a thing or two from the thai people about service and

the smell in the city is vile (the mix of the food being cooked by the
street hawkers and the stench of the drains/air pollution) the air
pollution is really bad. jhb air seems clean compared to here. it’s
the humidity that doesn’t let the fumes rise but instead just lingers.
for some reason there are not many flies around despite the seafood
being cooked on the side of the streets. And litter is also minimum
with a very few public bins available. south africa has tons of
litter on the city streets with a lot of available public bins

at the cinema, just before the movie starts, everyone stands up and
pays homage to the king. its strange to us but cool – instilling this
feeling of oneness with your country people.. that’s patriotism.

Got to th e hotel at 11:15pm. Gotta check out in the morning. Leaving
for Krabi. Watched a show on the History channel this morning about
the Tsunami in 2004. Scary stuff.