September 2019 travels

Some thoughts on Istanbul.

A beautiful city by the sea. Old and new. Lots.of cats. People take care of them. Narrow streets, narrow sidewalks. Streets shared by single file cars, racing scooters and pedestrians. Dogs have tags on their ears.

Was easy and quick getting a local sim card for data. Lots of artisans and solo designer shops.

The must see sights are skippable in my opinion. Though I did like the haga sofia.

The food is tasty and fresh though not my favourite. The city is vibrant and busy but not my favourite.

Tap water is not advisable to drink.

The local transport is easy to use and efficient to get around the city. We didn’t use taxis.

Our apartment was lovely with incredible views.


Clean. Peaceful. Cyclists. Kids. Pets. No poo on the street. Litter free. Safe. Beautiful. Nature. Outdoors.

Recycling. Clean drinking water.

Flat. Bicycle and running lanes.

Cars stop at the zebra crossing.

Lots of lovely restaurants and cafes along the riverbank. It’s the more touristy side as well.