Thailand 2009 Day 4 & 5

Departed from Bangkok and arrived in Krabi in about 1hr30min.
Worst landing of a plane ever!

We're staying at the Krabi Resort in Aonang, which has the same feel
as Phuket did way back in the day. Our bungalow is 5 meters from the
beach. We wake up to stunning views.  The massages which are fantastic
cost 300 baht for an hour which is about R75!

Yesterday we took a long tail boat to Rei-Leh West beach to organise a
snorkelling day trip.  The entire area looks like it does in the
post-cards. It almost doesn't look real it's so beautiful. Truly
paradise. Went swimming in a cove, blue, calm, warm water.  Had dinner
twice at a great Indian restaurant across from the resort. We ate and
ate till our seams were bursting.

leaving on our snorkelling day trip in 10min


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