U.S. of A 2015

We had an incredible vacation in the US this past December. Visited Disneyworld, FL. Flew to San Francisco. Road-tripped from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park, then all along the Pacific Coast Highway. Stopped in Monterey, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and ended off with a couple days in San Diego!

Highlights were definitely Yosemite and the Pacific Coast.

We were blessed to meet up with friends, Megan, Steve and Lynn in San Francisco and stay with Christine, my long-time long-distance friend, in San Diego.

This was our first international trip together since 2012.  I’ve always wanted to visit the east coast of the US.  Doing a roadtrip was amazing! From the coast to the Yosemite mountains. From warmth and sunshine to snow storms.  Yosemite was my first proper experience of snow and COLD.

Visit my flickr page to check out the photos from the trip.

USA 2015 - Florida and California