1) What is your highest aspiration for your own spiritual development?

To Be. To realise Self. To access the highest energy from Source. To transcend this mind and emotions felt by this physical body. To know that we are ONE with all. To love with an open heart, free of judgement. To accept and forgive. To know the light and the dark and not be afraid.

2) In your deepest moments of awareness and clarity, what have you sensed is possible for the evolution of your life, and for human life as a whole?

There is so much negativity and despair on this planet, but we live in an amazing time. Where we are instantly connected through technology. We have the power to transcend the negative, the politics, the wars and traps of the capitalist society where profit and acquiring ‘stuff’ is all the focus.  The spiritual awakening that is occurring will spread exponentially in the next few years.  There IS HOPE and LOVE. It is exciting to be a part of it. To BE AWARE. To BE AWAKE to the possibility of our limitlessness.

3) Where have you noticed that you get stopped or blocked in your personal growth or evolution?

Anxiety which causes a tightening in my chest.  Letting go of my judgement, fear and doubt. Worrying about tomorrow. Not being present in each moment. Letting go of small things that are so insignificant which you realise when you take a moment and step back. Opening my heart. Accepting me. Getting sucked into people’s emotional dramas.

4) How would you most deeply wish to serve life and humanity, if you had all the capacities you needed? What is your vision for your highest contribution in this life and this world?

I am a connector. I bring people together. I will share these gifts and blessings. I will use this life, mind and body to connect, to create, to facilitate the awakening in those seeking their truth. To heal. To empower people to make them aware of their power within. To bring LIGHT and LOVE where there is darkness and fear.