Adoption update

1 year and 9 months since the court signed the adoption order, things haven’t progressed. After many emails and follow up calls, we’ve established that the court order documents were misplaced at some point. Our SW is at the court this morning to get copies signed by the Magistrate so that it has an original stamp. Let this be the time that the documents reach the right person at DSD and it is signed and registered this week.

Update: 2 August 2021

We’ve been following up every 2 weeks. Last week we received a reply to our enquiry that there was a fault with the court documents ( they want 3 originals ). Seems like DSD has forgotten that they lost the originals. Spoke to our SW, who called the Divisional Manager to remind her that there are no longer originals but newly signed copies from the court.

Would be incredible to overhaul this adoptions process and the department. After court signs the adoption order, it should go straight into the system.