Day 165 of Lockdown – South Africa

It has been about 5 months and 12 days since our country went into Lockdown.

Since the initial hard lockdown, the government has come up with 5 different levels of lockdown. We’ve been on level 2 since the 18th of August.

Prior to level 2, we had been social distancing from family and friends. Staying home as much as possible. J is back at school. The school has a strict set of protocols that they are following. C is still working from home and that looks to be the new norm for the next few months. We sorted out our home office situation. It was difficult working from the same room.

When we leave the house we wear cloth face masks. At restaurants, walking on the street, shopping at the store, at the climbing gym. At most shopping malls around us, there are hand sanitiser stations. The security guards at the store entrances also spray your hands before you enter.

When will we be able to no longer wear face masks? When we have a vaccine for the covid-19 virus.