Day 16 of lockdown – South Africa

It is Saturday 11 April 2020. I do not post often, mostly because I am not disciplined in taking the time to. Here are some things that I’ve been thinking about.

At the end of each month I compile a video of shorter video clips and photographs taken during that month. Yesterday I remembered that I needed to do the March 2020 video. Scrolling through photos of the first 2 weeks of March was like viewing life from a different era.

Being outside freely. Meet-ups with friends. Coffee and lunch at cafes and restaurants. Weekends. Rock-climbing at the CityRock gym. Long walks around the neighbourhood. Vacation plans. School for our little one. Planning for the future. Wondering how to grow the business. Advertising and marketing. Networking.

2 nights ago, just before bed. I was looking out the window. It was so incredibly quiet. No sounds of the wind, rain, insects, birds, people, traffic, gates, sirens, alarms, music, television. It was beautiful.

Low income people are suffering with each day of the lockdown. Not being able to work and therefore not being able to buy food and essentials.

Permanently employed middle and high income people are saving money by being in lockdown. They are not out spending money on lunches, coffees, clothes and non-essentials.

If this pandemic did not happen at this time, where it has forced countries worldwide into “lockdown”, a slowing down of the economy, business-not-usual – it would have happened eventually. How can we continue as we have been? Why continue the way we have? Why continue with the ever demanding need for growth and greater profit. Work, spend, work, spend, profit, growth, profit… at the expense of our planet, our climate, our environment, our health, our mental health. What’s it all for?

When a vaccine is eventually created and available, will we go back to business-as-usual? Or will we have changed? Will we have slowed down? Will governments provide basic rights to the poor? Basic income, food, shelter, healthcare – so that the poor will no longer be poor. Will have the means and resources to educate themselves, their children, to be more productive and contribute… instead of living hand-to-mouth.

What a fitting year for all this to happen.