In search of the best pizza in Johannesburg

Week 1

Jaime Oliver’s Melrose Arch.

Electric oven

Margherita pizza

Topping 9|10 (lovely cheese and roasted Rosa tomatoes)

Base 5|10 (thick crust, thin base, lacked seasoning)

Overall 7|10

Week 2

Il Contadino Parktown North

Wood fire oven

Margherita pizza

Topping 3|10 (boring, no flavour)

Base 3|10 (thin base, thin crust the sauce had little flavour)

Overall 3|10 (a dr oetker pizza has more flavour)

Week 3

Coalition in Rosebank

Wood fire oven


Coalition pizza

Topping 8|10

Base 8|10

Overall 8|10

One of the best Neapolitan pizzas in Joburg.

Week 4

Hudson’s in Parkhurst

The Rockstar – caramelized onion, feta, bacon, pepperdew

Base 7|10

Topping 7.5 | 10

Overall 7.25 | 10

Week 5

Franco in Parkview

Base 6

Topping 6.5

Overall 6.25

Franco Parkview pizza