It’s been a good year! Not many people I know agree. When I think back over the past 12 months starting at Dec 2015, so much has happened. I should have been keeping track… but haven’t so I will do my best to provide the highlights!


Last Nov/Dec we were travelling through the USA, Orlando and California (San Francisco, Yosemite, Monterey, Los Angeles and San Diego). Awesome holiday.

USA 2015 - Florida and California

In February we had our first climbing visit to Waterval Boven. One of the most beautiful places in South Africa (in my opinion).


In March we visited Mauritius. It was a spontaneous decision to tag along on my sister’s holiday. Personally I’m not a big fan since visiting, but it was great spending time with the family.
At the end of April we spent my 35th birthday in Plettenberg with Danielle and family. Hiked in Robberg Nature Reserve, got to know some new friends.
On the 22nd of April, I was blessed to start taking tennis lessons from Rupert. Since then we’ve also become good friends. I’m enjoying learning and playing tennis so much. I look forward to each session almost as soon as it’s over. 😃
On the 1st September, we departed for Venice, Italy. Another spectacular holiday – Venice, Florence, Monterosso, Rome.


 Inbetween we’ve had a few outings with the MCSA Johannesburg. Mostly around Johannesburg to Strubensvalley, Chosspile, Grootkloof, Tonquani or Bronkhorspruit. We’ve made some good friends through the mountain club and at the CityROCK gym.

One of the most fun things we did locally this year was go on a Wild Cave Adventure tour in the Cradle of Humankind. For locals and tourists alike, I highly recommend this adventure. Do not let the pictures deceive you, it is not as claustrophic as it looks.


Life Events

In February we started the screening process for adoption. We completed our adoption screening in May.  End of November we met with a different social worker who will hopefully match us with our baby in early 2017.
End of September we also purchased an apartment in Riviera. It is currently being renovated, with the aim of moving in at the end of March 2017.
So many new wonderful friends. Thank you to Mike and Carol for your friendship and for adopting our beautiful darling Chessygirl. I know she is so loved and is happy with her new family. Rupert and Pippa, thank you. Deanne, thank you. Claudia and Remko, thank you.
So very grateful for your friendship.
This month I have started on a spiritual journey with the light and sound energy. Thank you to Shahan for introducing me to this path. Thank you to Mark Zaretti (Pure Energy Meditation) for your time in sharing this information and for your guidance. A must read! Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH – Channelled Teachings
Another amazing book is The Untethered Soul. It’s a practical guide which compliments the book above (in my opinion).


Thank you to UpWork for providing the work platform that has connected me to some amazing clients and people. Anthony, Terrance, James. I appreciate your support and knowing you as people. Thank you to my local clients for your continued support.


My dad turned 60 this year. My siblings and I planned a party for him which we hosted in Jozi. What fun!

On the 5th November, we had a new addition to the family, my little nephew Aiden. It has been an absolute blessing being an auntie and being able to experience and share in the growing of Ariyen and Aiden.

There have been lots of new additions (family and friends’) with little babas, and I hope that we will be matched with our little one soon. Boy or girl we look forward to it.