TenAhead Day 3

We woke up relatively late, 08:30. Had a lovely breakfast then spent some slow time sitting next to the fire in the dining room chatting, drinking cups of tea and coffee.

The wind was a little better than yesterday so we decided to horse-ride up to Vultures View. It takes the guide about an hour to round up the horses, as they get to roam free most of the day. It took us only 7 minutes to get to the top. The wind was so strong up there we couldn’t spend much time enjoying the spectacular view. We asked our guide, William, if we could ride to the waterfall which was about an hour ride. We crossed through three different farms. My legs were sore but the view was totally worth it! The waterfall was a trickle.

The horses were awesome, very responsive and patient with us amateur riders.

We arrived back at the lodge about 2pm. A total of 2 ½ hrs riding.

From 3:30pm, all the day guests had left and all the lodge guests except for one other couple. It was pretty awesome having the lodge to ourselves for a bit.

Just a few a months ago, I was not sure that I would walk again let alone hike and ride a horse. Granted I still can’t walk a long distance yet or easily navigate hills and uneven terrain. I don’t have the range and flexibility. My tendon feels like a hard knot. The left ankle and knee gets stiff after being still for too long. But I have come a long way! And there is still a long way to go but I will get there.