TenAhead Day 1

I’ve been on this planet for 34 years today.
I woke up early, opened the curtains to watch the sun illuminate the mountain landscape just outside our window.


The lodge has thick stone walls making it quite soundproof. It’s a privilege being here in this setting. The quiet, no sounds of cars, trucks, ‘hardydahs’, helicopters and alarm sirens going off. Also not having cellphone and Internet access forces you to ‘temporarily’ adjust your habits. Not checking your phone constantly for one, not being able to read the news. Being able to enjoy the beauty around us without trying to capture and share it on Instagram.

Some of the guests checked out this morning. I asked if we could change over to a north-facing room before new guests arrived. A different view and much warmer!

Booked spa treatments.

C and I have been talking more about having a child/ren. Our options: Adoption, artificial insemination, a surrogate.  When you are in a same-sex relationship, having a child is a huge decision, the main reason is because it has to be a conscious decision. You can’t just be ‘knocked-up’ because you missed your pill or forgot to use a condom.

My mom phoned me on Monday. She told me that I must think about all the pain she went through the day I was born and the stitches she had for 8 weeks after.  Okay mom, I’ve thought about it. Thank you for growing me in your body and giving birth to me. Thank you for giving me and my siblings a great start in this life of ours.

After tea we went on a hike following what we thought to be the vultures viewing hike but was actually the back road to Tiffendell. We walked for about 45 min each way.

Birthday was quiet, uneventful but relaxed and pleasant. C isn’t one for planning surprises. And that’s okay. 🙂