alcohol-free experiment follow-up

I did a good 6 or 7 months as a ‘teetotaller’. I had a sip of red wine and a shot of whiskey at dinner party in July. Felt awful the following morning! Could feel the difference to my body and my energy level from just that little bit of alcohol. I did not miss that kak feeling.  Since July, I’ve had about 5 tiny sips of red wine to taste. There has been little thought about alcohol except when we go out to a dinner or have people over at ours.

I tend to sometimes romaticize having a shot of whiskey, mostly because of advertising and from seeing characters on my favourite tv series drinking a good scotch.

I had 1 finger of whiskey 2 nights ago at a dinner. I felt really awful from about 1am to 8am. My hands and arm muscles were aching and stiff. Ironically, it was the fist night in 2 months that I didn’t have any pain in my injured leg, and would have probably slept very well that night.