The night of 12th August 2014

It was Tuesday evening, which is our indoor rock climbing training evening. The workout was going well. We were both feeling strong and I was on my last set of an up / down drill, about 7:45pm. We were not climbing with a rope as we were bouldering and not climbing very high. I reached for a grip and honestly can’t remember why or how I landed as I did, but I slipped and landed with one leg off the mat. I felt something awful and started screaming, “something’s wrong, something is broken. Ow, ow, OW!” Sitting on the floor feeling faint from the pain and feeling extreme nausea.

Thank the universe, Robyn, a sports physio was training that evening. She calmed me down, and stablised my foot, securing it. At some point, I lost feeling in my hands, and could not open or close them. I was terrified. I’ve never felt so much pain in my life that I can remember. I’m sure I did feel such pain when I had the car accident just after my 7th birthday.

I was transported from the inside of the gym to the backseat of Carol’s car on a make-shift wooden ‘stretcher’ (several gym members helped). In the chaos, we had to think about our medical aid and which hospital would be best. We decided on Morningside as it was the closest. ¬†Carol drove us very slowly to the emergency room at Morningside medi-clinic. Once in the emergency room, I was given some pain meds and 40min later, the doc cut off my sock, examined my foot and sent me for an x-ray.

The radiologist gasped very loudly which freaked me out! My ankle was broken in 3 places, the joint shattered. By midnight I was booked into the orthopaedic ward where I would be for the remainder of the week.