Food Intolerance Testing (IgG test)

I recently had a test done called Imu Pro Food Allergy type III (IgG) test. This test cost over ZAR2000. The results, which arrived yesterday are a bit suspect to me.   I unfortunately did not do much research into the legitimacy of this type of test. After reading several articles whose authors believe that there is little to no legitimate scientific studies or proof to the reliability of these tests, I am feeling a little duped.

Why did I do the test?

I’ve been experiencing a lot of discomfort and an upset tummy for several months.  Having almost no ideas to what could be causing it, except for the times I eat cheese and certain types of bread (not all bread), I saw the test advertised at my homeopath’s clinic and decided to do it.

The results

igg imupro100 test results

I have been eating oats, with milk almost every other day for breakfast. Almonds as a snack maybe once or twice a week. Eggs and bread once a week. I’m not convinced these things are causing problems. Gluten, perhaps. Cheese, definitely.

 What now?

An elimination and rotation diet has been recommended. From what I understand after reading the supplied literature… is that if I eat something such as soya milk with quinoa for breakfast on Day 1, I must not eat either of these things again for any meals for the following 4 days. After much thought, I feel this sort of diet is going to be bloody expensive and unsustainable. There is no way I am going to open a litre of expensive Alpro Soya milk, have it once for breakfast and leave it till the following week! Then the next day, open a litre of expensive rice milk, have it once, and leave it till the following week. Yep, this is not going to work.

I do agree with a rotation diet, but not to such an extreme. I am one of those people that if they like something can eat it every day, which is probably how I ended up with an intolerance to cheese.

So, what I will try is to reduce the things highlighted in red… and continue my research.

During the past 8 months, I’ve cut out alcohol, a lot of sugar (only a teaspoon per cup of tea/coffee instead of 2.5 teaspoons), eat only dark chocolate (70%), and bread once or twice a week.

Have you had one of these tests done? Did the rotation diet help improve the quality of your life and your health or did you feel suckered?