life changes

My life seems to be going through a gradual change.  It’s slow but noticeable.  I know it’s normal and expected and writing helps deal with some of the associated feelings around the changes.

I have been learning more about running my own business, networking, managing clients and their expectations, setting boundaries and valuing my time more.  So thankful to the experienced colleagues and friends that have been so supportive during this continuing learning process.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the changes in my long-time friendships. At times it has been eye-opening and sad and other times, refreshing to ‘let go’and move on.

I came across this article from the site that talks about some of the things I’ve been feeling.

I loved my friends and all we had shared. I could take something from those memories, and forgive the natural ebbs and flows of life that had moved us apart.

So very grateful for the friends in my life presently. Thank you.