alcohol-free ‘life experiment’

I’ve been wanting to write an update on my alcohol-free ‘life experiment’.

During the first week of January I decided to change one of my habits. The habit of having a double shot of whiskey or glass of red wine or craft beer at the end of a long day , a difficult day or a great day.

I decided the time frame would be this year 2014.

I’m not sure if my reasoning is very sound. I couldn’t say that I would only have alcohol on the weekend or at social gatherings, I’ve tried that before and it always ends up back to the same habit of every night.

Socialising, gatherings and parties

I’ve enjoyed going out to gatherings and waking up the next morning clear-headed and without a headache. Admittedly socialising at a party at times has been more difficult especially after the party hits a certain time when those around you are several glasses in. (this is more with larger gatherings where I don’t know most of the people.  With closer friends and family, it doesn’t really matter.)

I’m 33 this year and today I’m probably the most fit and healthy I’ve been since high school.

My birthday was spent road tripping and pitching camp at Afrikaburn. It was also alcohol and ‘other’ free. A first of its kind birthday since university.

What’s the end goal?

Will I be able to stick to my time frame? Is it even worth it? What’s my end goal? I don’t think teetotalling for a year will change my habit. It’s almost like an either or situation for me at this point.

Why do I want to change a habit that has not been a problem or destructive? Several reasons come to mind… Health. Strength. Discipline.

I do find that I am forming a new habit which is using my time in a more productive way… And learning new things. I’ve been spending less time watching series and movies. Less time socialising at pubs and restaurants.  More time being physically active, reading and learning.

Why do people drink alcohol – an accepted legal chemical substance. For the buzz, for the escapism it aids in, for the chemical reactions it causes in our brain and for the taste? For me, I like a good whiskey for the taste and the mellow buzz.

Maybe I will have alcohol again but only if … I’m on a holiday… and… out of the country…


Here’s a short interesting video to watch