Rock climbing – Strubens Valley Crag

So I’ve been indoor rock climbing inconsistently for about a year. Towards the end of 2013, we joined the Rockfit gym in Morningside, where we’ve been receiving coaching once a week, also inconsistently.

Today the club organised an outdoor climb at the Strubens Valley Crag, west of JHB. The place is right in the middle of this suburb. You drive through the suburb, find this empty lot on Witwatersrand Ave, pay the car-guard R30 and trek for about 5min up a hill till you get to the crag. There were about 12 of us today of all levels. The advanced climbers did the lead climbing and setup the top ropes.

On my first climb, I was nervous as the grips and the rock face is a whole different experience to climbing indoors with friendly coloured grips. Rock is some times smooth, some times jagged and rough with tiny side grips. Can’t wait for the next time.

It was awesome! I enjoyed every minute of it. I did reasonably well for my first outdoor climb despite my poor technique.