12 Years A Slave

Watched ‘12 Years A Slave‘ this evening. This film is… intense, powerful, beautifully filmed, difficult to watch… and just stays with you.  I absolutely love the way the director uses the frame to convey so much more than words can. The tight shots, and then the pulling away to reveal the scene and emotions in more context. And the lingering, the holding of the camera on the slave being lashed or almost hung when it’s most uncomfortable to watch.

This film left me feeling even more, as people have been treated this way since 6800BC at least

This painting on terra cotta depicts slaves in mines in ancient Greece, ca 5 B.C. Image is in the public domain.

and continue to be treated this brutally with modern day slavery that still exists in this current time that we live in.

“There are 21-30 million people in slavery today. They are forced to work without pay, under threat of violence, and they’re unable to walk away. You can find them in brothels, factories, mines, farm fields, restaurants, construction sites and private homes. Many slaves have been tricked by traffickers who lure vulnerable people with false promises of good jobs or education. Some slaves are marched to work at gunpoint. Others are trapped by phony debts from unscrupulous moneylenders. Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it happens nearly everywhere”

“We can end slavery in our lifetime. Here’s what needs to happen: businesses must clean up their supply chains and consumers must demand slavery-free products, governments and international institutions must toughen enforcement and fund anti-slavery work worldwide, activists and advocates must educate the vulnerable about their rights and empower those in slavery to take a stand for freedom. And you must take a stand, too. Get educated, get activated. Donate. Participate. And spread the word that you don’t want to live in a world with slavery in it.” – Free the Slaves

Slavery: A Global Investigation

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