2014 the year of health and fitness

I didn’t make any new year resolutions this NYE. But on the 3rd, I decided that I will treat my body better… and I will get physically stronger and healthier. For me that includes exercising more regularly, being able to run 5K in one go (which I have not been able to do in the past), improve with the indoor climbing and to not consume alcohol as much.

At this point I would like to try not to consume alcohol throughout this year…It’s a a little scary and a difficult thing to abstain from especially since alcohol is so ingrained in how we socialise and relax.  At the end of a long day, you would normally like a cold beer or a glass of red wine with dinner.  Meet up with friends after work on the weekend for ‘drinks’. Have folks over for dinner at your house, and you have wine. End the evening off with some cognac or whiskey. This is a silly thought but it occurred to me that friends may… … may want to socialise less with me…less invites for after-work drinks, sundowners, dinners, parties.

Also scary saying it out loud, because I may “fail”… I may give in and fall back into the rituals of social drinking of beers, wine, whiskey and cocktails and being subliminally encouraged to pour a whiskey while watching movies and my favourite series. I suppose it is also a bit of a social experiment… for myself… to see how I socialise without alcohol… how I enjoy myself at a party or social gathering without having a drink. Just to be, and to have fun. How I de-stress after a tough day – and without resorting to over-eating or compensating with food.

I love whiskey. And since May 2013, I started appreciating the craft beers.

My plan, just take it one day at a time… and keep my original thought in my mind when starting this. Healthy body – be kind to my liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, skin, brain.

At the beginning of November last year, I started training to run 5K. I’ve been using the 5K runner app on my iPhone with some success, along with the Nike running app. I  haven’t reached my goal within the 8 week programme, but I am close and I know that I can reach it if I keep at it. I have good days and bad days. Good days when I can run for 25min without stopping, and days when I can only manage 5min.  When I started out with the programme I could not run for more than 5 – 10min consecutively. I can now run for 20-25min and still do some strength training afterwards.  Having an app that breaks up your training into reachable goals and being able to do each one then check it off, is for some reason highly motivating.

I’ve also started using the Nike Training Club app, which I’ve really been enjoying so far. The app itself is a little buggy and can definitely be improved. The app bugs include, not saving your programme, not saving your workout if you stop, not being able to continue a workout if you stop, the workout stopping if you press the lock screen button on your iPhone. Not being able to skip or go back to an exercise in the routine.  Other than that, the workouts are great! TOUGH but energising.

So far, I can say that besides the time I’ve spent writing this post, I’ve not felt the desire for a drink. I’ve actually just been wanting  water… fresh, cool, filtered tap water. Nothing fancy.

Work is another factor that plays a role in me keeping healthy and fit. If work goes well, I’m less stressed. If I have more projects, I’m less stressed. If I work smarter, I’m less stressed and have more time for healthier activities and I get to sleep regular hours which is good for my body. So work is another priority and working smarter and earning at least the minimum target income (but hopefully way beyond the min) each month – because I sure do want to travel more as well! Cheers!