USA to South Africa

I loved this trip to the USA. It had been quite awhile since I’ve travelled on my own. I loved the freedom that comes with travelling, of not making plans, of going with the flow, meeting wonderful people, experiencing new things, of even living out of a suitcase. Having just a few personal items is truly liberating. Not being a slave to stuff AND of needing less stuff and things to be happy and comfortable.

This trip was needed for me, this experience, it was for inspiration and to build on my collection of travel photographs. The timing felt right! the right time to meet the people I met, the right time for those conversations and experiences I had.

I am so grateful to everyone I met along the way who made this a spectacular trip for me. It’s amazing how it all worked out, how it all came together, and how generous people are to have invited me to stay at their homes and share their time with me.

Thank you to Carol who supported my decision to do this trip for myself. It was important for me to speak to her at least once a day, even if for just a few minutes, it helped ground me in a way so I could feel at ease and enjoy the time away from home. So grateful for technology like Face-time and Skype that let us see each other in real time.

Thank you Arti, Corrie, Desiree, Verna and your families & friends.