USA – Day 23 -24 – NYC

28 May – NYC

It was raining when I woke up on this morning. I didn’t plan much except to visit the Ground Zero monument (which I didn’t do), the B&H Photo Video store again to see if I should get any camera gear, check out the Frye’s Boot store in Soho and the Superdry store.
I ended up buying some gifts for Carol from a random store, a great pair of shoes and some boots from Frye’s. Superdry didn’t have a great range of clothing. I prefer their clothing designs from a few years back. I spent awhile at Frye’s trying on the different types of boots and shoes. The service was excellent, which contributed to spending all that money feel better some how – haha. I love the Erin Oxford shoes that I ended up buying.


Arti and I went out for a walk in search of dessert. We ended up going to Cafe Jolie at 630 9th Avenue. A small cafe serving home-made ice-cream and fresh crepes. The giant crepes were decadent.

29 May – last day NYC

I wanted to get some good hair products for Carol. Verna suggested Carol’s Daughter products. I went to several stores including a couple branches of Sephora in search of these products but had no luck with stock. I read that there was a Carol’s Daughter branch in Harlem so decided to go straight to the source!

Getting to Harlem, I took a train all the way up to 155th Street from 53rd Street. For some reason, I don’t recall why (could have been some good reviews on the Timeout website) I decided to try out soul food at a place called Country Panfried Chicken at 2841 Frederick Douglass Blvd. It was a bit of journey getting there, and really out of the way. The place was tiny, no atmosphere, buffet style. At least the chicken itself was tasty and made the trip a little worthwhile.

A bit more walking after my soul food lunch to the high street in search of the Carol’s Daughter branch

, 24 West 125th Street, Harlem. Purchased some products then headed towards a train station to catch a train back to 53rd Street.

Harlem Vibe

For dinner I decided that I absolutely had to have the ramen broth from Toto Ramen. The weather was hot and muggy compared to the first time I stood in the queue at Toto Ramen. Arti was just as keen to have some ramen as I was. We put our names on the waiting list, waited about 40min. The time passed by quickly as we had each other to chat to. Totally worth the wait! Wish I could have some again soon