USA – Day 14 – Pittsburgh

Took some time out today to do very little – a rest day. ¬†Corrie had to go in to work for half a day. She got back in the afternoon and we went to a shopping centre/mall to see what was good. I realised we don’t have every brand in SA, but we do have a good variety and selection of goods. The exchange rate had been declining rapidly while I was in the US, didn’t make sense to do shopping there if there was not anything I needed urgently.

We met Jas in the afternoon for dinner at the local Asian restaurant in Sewickley and then for a craft beer at the local. Jas and I realised that we had a lot of the same taste in music! I really enjoyed my time shared with Corrie and Jas. 2 amazing people that I had an opportunity to get to know better.