USA – Day 12 – Pittsburgh

Had a lazyish morning. We only left the house at about midday. Blessed with a hot sunny day, the temperature peaked at 31 degrees celsius. Stopped at a local farmers market before heading into the city. Our first stop was the Strip district, which was bustling with interesting clothing stores, food stalls, cafes. Had my first home-made lemonade which was deliciously refreshing on this very hot day.

Next we thought it a good idea to check out the Outdoor festival, which turned out to be a lot of stalls promoting a lot of outdoor activities in the area from cycling, to kayaking to rock climbing. Andy Warhol museum was next. It is 7 floors of exhibits. The most interesting for me was the screen test exhibit, where you can do a screen test in the style of Andy Warhols, 2 minute silent black and white video.

Here is the result of my video clip. It’s low res, and the clip is slowed down so it runs at about 4 minutes. I love to watch the progression of self-consciousness. I was talking to Corrie during the take, there were other people walking around and watching me, you do your own recording so no one is telling you what to do, I did try some things, it looks like I start off quite serious, and then lighten up a bit.

Finally we visited the Monongahela Incline, built by John Endres in 1870, which is located near the Smithfield Street Bridge. There was a queue to go up, it cost about $3.5 return trip. The view is worth the trip up.

Had dinner at Chipotle which is mexican fast food – very healthy fresh ingredients used at a very reasonable price. I tried out the soft tacos – you get 3 for about $6.75, and can have a different protein in each. I tried chicken and pork – the chicken being my favourite. Corrie let me drive a little bit to get used to driving on the ‘wrong side’ of the road. Decided earlier in the day to go see the new Star Trek movie, at first we thought we’d go for the 7pm show, but Jas had an emergency at the hospital and we ended up seeing the 9:30pm in 2D. It was not as good as the first one in my opinion, a bit long and a feeling of trying too hard.

I’ve been sleeping around 1:30am each morning. One of the reasons is that i like to wait till Carol is awake in JHB, so I can message her before going to sleep.

Corrie has 3 cats – Bilana (named after a Star Trek character) – she is so cross-eyed, thinks she is a dog, chased a wild turkey in the garden, is a very cool cat. Wasabi, a Siamese cat, a bit of a wuss, and Spooky, relatively friendly black cat. So far I’ve spotted a variety of interesting birds, raccoons, chipmunks, turkey and squirrels in the garden.