USA – Day 11 – Pittsburgh PA

Woke up early to get ready to leave for the airport.  The metrocab taxi that I booked online the previous day arrived at 8:05am. It took about 25min and cost $35 to the airport.

I had checked in the previous day and already paid for my luggage, so check in and security went quite quickly. Had 2 hours still before the flight.

Had some hot oats for breakfast and skyped Carol for a bit. I love that there is free wi-fi in most places. Everyone I have spoken to didn’t have good things to say about US Airways. The flight was fine and on time. The air hostess was a bit prickly. But, I fell asleep before the plane even took off and slept almost the entire flight waking up just before landing in Pittsburgh.

At Pittsburgh airport, it took a bit longer to get to the luggage carousel, the gate was quite a distance from the arrivals hall. Corrie was there to meet me. We picked up my bag and checked out the car rental prices to Washington. Insanely overpriced, but that’s probably because I was booking it so late. Eventually got a decent rate on the budget car rental site.

Driving through to Sewickly you can see how green and foresty and beautiful most of Pittsburgh is. Corrie lives in a beautiful area that is part of a conservancy. The village is quaint and is close enough to all the larger stores and the city centre if you need more than the village caters for.

We had lunch at a cafe in town. I had grilled salmon which I havent had since leaving SA. After resting a bit Corrie cooked dinner, dhal and tikka chicken. In the evening we took a drive into the village to check out a photography exhibition. It was called Maddie on Things. Interesting, eerie and funny, a dog holding a pose on everything from a tractor tyre to the inside of a fridge, photographed across the US of A.

Pittsburgh city centre isn’t very large, 2 rivers intersect it, there are a lot of bridges, baseball stadium, football stadium, ice hockey. A lot of sporting events happening.

The drive into the city reminded me of driving in the natal midlands, but with more trees. Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, the places was covered in snow. We found a place to have dessert. The key lime pie was tart, light and not too rich as opposed to the ‘death by chocolate’ brownie dessert that we also tasted.