USA – Day 10 – Boston / Gloucester

Chris invited us to go on a day trip with them to Gloucester.
He hired a zipcar and picked us up from Alliz’s apartment.
We headed out to Gloucester which is only an hours drive from Boston.
Perfect day for it, beautiful weather.  We stopped at a beach first just outside the town, Alliz had a swim.
Explored Gloucester town a little bit, had lunch at Captain Carlows.
Ordered a platter of seafood – scallops, prawns/shrimp, calamri rings, calamari heads, cod fish, oysters
Also order a lobster lazyman’s bake which was way to rich for me – soaked in butter.
Took a drive through the town trying to reach the dogbar breaker. Passed some beautiful houses on the way lining the bay.
Walked along the breaker – it was so windy, a little scary but fun. People fishing and enjoying the sunny day.
Ended up sitting at an Italian cafe coffee shop place for a bit. Had my first canolli dessert. It was yummy.
Found another spot of beach and watched the sun setting. Decided to have a beer and burger at the local brewery before heading back to Boston.
So glad that Alliz and I joined Chris and Naim. It was a bonus experience.
Places are strict checking IDs when purchasing any alcohol at a restaurant/cafe/bar/supermarket.