USA – Day 9 – Boston

I think the days in New York and the walking caught up to me this day. The weather wasn’t great either, and I didn’t feel like going out much. I walked a few hundred meters to a bus stop and waited about 45min for the 66 bus to Harvard square. I really don’t know why I waited so long, I think you reach a point where you’ve waited this long, if you leave now, you may just miss it (there was no information about the times that the bus came by). I decided to just walk to the next stop, by the time I got there, the bus arrived. It was packed.

Trip Advisor and Yelp were my go-to websites to help me  decide on the places I was to visit or have a meal. 80% of the time worked out well. This day I decided to have lunch at Orinoco restaurant, my first time eating Peruvian food. The place was close to where the bus stopped in Harvard Square. The address was not obvious, because the restaurant was at the back of the premises. I didn’t see the sign at first showing where the entrance was which was almost disappointing, but then I did and I was happy! I like the atmosphere in the restaurant. I ordered rice and black beans with pork, sweet plantains (which reminded me of Apphia and her family) but the highlight of the meal was the bacon wrapped around a date with almond filling. I’ve never had anything like that before!

After stuffing myself, I explored the Harvard campus and surrounds. The campus was fairly quiet seeing that it was summer break.

I figured out how to use the ‘T’ to get around the city. Just started getting my bearings in Boston but needed to rest so I went back to the apartment for a nap around 4pm. Tutti was home and was working (he is a sound engineer and has an incredible little recording studio setup in the apartment)

When Alliz came home after work, we took a walk to Jamaica pond with Tutti. Another beautiful green area in Boston.

In the evening Alliz and I met her friend Chris and his best mate Naim for drinks at Brick & Mortar, a bar that is above Central Kitchen restaurant in Cambridge. It took us a while to figure out where Brick and Mortar was exactly as there was no signage outside the building indicating that a lively bar was at that particular address. We only discovered it because Alliz asked some people outside Central Kitchen for directions. I liked the atmosphere and the service was very good.  They had a large selection of whiskies and craft beer on tap.  I had a local beer called Smuttynose. Chris and Naim invited us to go with them on a day-trip to Gloucester the following day.