USA – Day 7 – Amherst/Northampton

The travelling has been catching up to me. It was quite cold here this morning and all day, a minimum of 1 degree celcius and max of about 14. It took me ages to get out of bed. Finally at about 11am, I got a lift into the village with Des’ friend Doris. She is from Kenya. I only spent about a half hour chatting to Doris – she seems like a very kind caring person – a good family friend. She came by to check on Martha.

From the village, I took a number 43 bus to Northampton $1.25, $3 for a day pass. On the way we passed through UMass and Hadley. It was about 12:30pm when I reached Northampton. The weather was windier and colder and I wished I stayed indoors. Had a burger at the Local Burger place with sweet potato fries. It was okay. Some lousy weak hot chocolate from Sip Cafe. Walked around a bit more, then decided to call it a day and catch a bus back to Amherst. It was almost 4pm when I was on the bus, Des met me at the Mall in Hadley. Bought groceries at Trader Joe. I love the range of soya milk and soy products. We came home and cooked dinner (Des did at least). Shrimp scampi with spaghetti basil pesto. Yummy.
Another walk after dinner. Visited Ginny and Sue to say goodbye and share one last english toffee candy.