USA – Day 6 – Amherst/Deerfield

Mother’s Day. Had a lazyish morning, around midday we went for a walk to Puffer’s lake. Just can’t get over how beautiful this area is. Desiree’s good friend Sue (who lives in Virginia) was here visiting her mom Ginny to help her move house. She was kind enough to take us all out for a Mother’s Day lunch at the Deerfield Inn/Restaurant in the historic town of Deerfield. It was quite special. Glad to have met 2 wonderful people. We also visited Mount Sugarloaf on our way back home where there is a fantastic view. In the evening we took another walk around the area and stopped by at Ginny’s house. I totally fell in love with her home. The sun has been setting around 8pm. Supper was from Panda East in Amherst.