USA – Day 5 – Amherst

NYC/Hartford/Springfield/Amherst Woke up at 5am to get ready to get an early morning bus to Hartford. Desiree whom I have not seen for many years for a significant amount of time, picked me up in Hartford. The weather was not very good, so Des took me on a mini driving tour through the little towns on the way to Amherst. I had Puerto Rican food for the first in my life. My favourite dish being the goat’s meat (which tasted just like lamb). Des does a lot of chauffeuring for her kids, which allowed me to see what her days are like. Somehow, despite how tired we both were and how long the day had been, we fitted in bouldering at the Central Rock Gym in Hadley from 7-8pm. It was Desiree’s first time and she did so well. Unfortunately it is very strict in the US and you can’t belay without taking a belay class first. And if you ‘claim’ that you do know how to belay, they want to test your level first. This climbing gym was amazing, 17000sq feet of climbing walls. Wow! I wish I could have climbed some of the high walls. My climbing has definitely improved over the last month, and I feel so much stronger and capable. After climbing we went to a department store to buy mother’s day gifts for Des’s friends and mom, and then we got the best pizza slices that I’ve tasted so far from Antonios in Amherst. Delicious!