USA – Day 3 – NYC

Ended up sleeping at about 1am and waking up at 6am. My tummy was upset, so kept waking up.

The weather was alright in the early morning, but just as I was about to leave the apartment it started raining quite heavily. Braved it! There were a few places I thought I might get breakfast at on 9th ave, so decided to walk, but I don’t know, I just missed all of the places. And I didn’t have internet on my phone so couldn’t double-check the addresses. Ended up walking all the way to 23rd street, 8th ave. It rained the whole way! I took the train to 14th street, and went to Chelsea Market. The building architecture is awesome, but the shops are over-rated. I had a pizza and a bread bacon snack from Amy’s Bread Shop. The bread snack was awful and dry. The pizza topping was tasty, but overall it was very chewy.

My initial plan was to make my way to Grand Central Station, but for some reason walked through the Meat Packing District, Greenwich and West Side Village, to the Hudson Pier, to about Christopher Street. I almost bumped into the actor from Homeland as he was coming out of a coffee shop.

'Homeland' actor walking away
‘Homeland’ actor walking away

Took a train back to the apartment, so that I could rest a short while before collecting the David Letterman Show tickets. Unfortunately Arti couldn’t make it. 🙁
I’m not a huge David Letterman fan. I haven’t even watched a fill episode of his show. The idea of being in the studio audience, just seemed like it would be a great experience. So I applied online. I was told that thousands of people apply every day, so it is quite amazing that I was selected! I had to be there at 3:30pm to collect the tickets. Then you have to be there at 5pm so that they can brief you on the rules. Main rules, no cellphones, no cameras and laugh even if you don’t find it funny. Laugh loud and laugh heartily. No wolf howling. It’s all a bit contrived, I would go nuts if I had to the same sequence of the show twice a day every day. Letterman is quirky. The crew are all very protective and upbeat, strict. The band is very talented, but what they play is not my kind of music. The guests were Chris Pine (Star trek), some comedian I didn’t know and the band was Zooey Deschanel from New Girl with her band called Him and Her

New Yorker’s so far have been quite friendly and helpful whenever I’ve stopped someone and asked for directions. I didn’t expect that. It seems that generally people don’t really chat to each other (even if they are standing in a long queue together for some time, and a New Yorker won’t speak first, but if approached they will chat, even though in a reserved way.