USA – Day 2 – NYC

I should have written this on the day but…

Left the apartment at about 9:45am. Made my way to the 7th Ave station, took a train to 81st Street which is just outside of the Natural History Museum. Walked across central park to the Guggenheim. Weather was cloudy but still okay at that point. Got in on a student rate which was $18. Spent a couple of hours there, getting scolded on every level for taking photos with my iphone. I didn’t get most of the art, but there were some pieces that I found interesting. (don’t ask me which ones).

Left the museum, it was drizzling. Figured I would just cross central park to 86th street station, but somewhere I took a wrong turn, the weather also turned, and there was quite a heavy downpour. My backpack, boots, jeans, contents of my backpack all got soaked. Took refuge under some shelter. Eventually made my way to 81st street station. By this time I was really hungry and decided to go directly to the Toto Ramen cafe in Hell’s Kitchen that Arti and I walked past the previous night. It was still raining when I got off the train at 7th Ave street, but not too bad. There was a queue, and I ended up waiting about 30-40 min. The Ramen was totally worth it. The broth was sooooo flavourful. Wow, just what I needed to warm up. Was about $15 with tip.

I came back to the apartment afterwards to change into dry clothes. Really wanted to nap, but decided to just keep moving. So took a train down to Chelsea. I wanted to go wall climbing at Chelsea Piers Sports Centre – but that didn’t work out as planned. They want you to take their belay certified course first $125, then it’s another $50 and you have to make an appointment. So, instead I just walked around Chelsea, and the sun came out and the sky was sooo beautiful and blue, I just kept on walking, all the way to 53rd street. It was about 4 or 5km. I hadn’t taken my camera with, so used my iPhone to take photos along the way. The pics don’t look too bad at all. The full set of photos on Flickr

All the different areas/boroughs are so distinct. I love it. So far I really like Chelsea, Greenwich Village, the Meatpacking district, West End Village.
Rested a little bit when I got back to the apartment. Arti was home and taking a nap. She made a booking for dinner at 9:30pm at Tao. I’ve never been out for dinner to a restaurant at that hour. All the restaurant kitchens in South Africa close at 10pm. Tao was featured in an episode of Sex and the City. Arti’s friend Jessica from Boston was in the city for business. She works for a company called Monotype. They create fonts! How cool is that? Tao was pretty awesome. The deco, the giant buddha, the dj playing doof doof music, the food was also impressive. The meal came to about $140. We ordered quite a few dishes – prawn/shrimp tempura, spicy tuna sushi roll, lettuce wraps, pork ribs, pork dumplings, phad thai noodles.
A cab from 260 west 53rd street, 8th ave to Tao was about $10.

Oh yes, in the morning I put my name on the list to be on the David Letterman show. They called at about 3:30pm to let me know I had won tickets. So I have to go and collect it the next day at 3:30pm. They asked me a trivia question, which I didn’t know the answer to, but guessed it correctly with some help from the guy on the phone. So cool!

My David Letterman show ticket
My david letterman show ticket