USA – Day 1 – NYC

The following posts during my trip through parts of the USA is more of a quick documentary type travel journal. I will edit and add as I go along.


Arrived early at jfk airport in New York City. 6:15am. Once we landed, the taxi in took about 15min before the doors were opened to let us fresh-air-starved passengers escape from the plane carrying us on our 16+ hour flight.
I assisted Martha (my aunt Desiree’s mum) in with wheel chair assistance – this also helped speed us through border control and customs. By 7:15am we were at the baggage carousel. I’m glad I was with Martha. She is spritely and energetic, but has developed Alzheimer’s in the last 2 years. She didn’t know that Desiree was driving to JFK airport to pick her up but thought she had another flight. She forgot that she had wheelchair assistance. She couldn’t remember how much luggage she had or the colour of her suitcases. I waited with Martha till Des arrived at about 8am.
As per Arti’s instructions, I took the airtrain to Jamaica station. This cost about $6.50. Bought metro card for anothe $2.5
Journey in took about 1.5 hrs to 7th ave, 53rd street.

On the subway train – it was full, didn’t get to sit. A young man gave up his seat for older gentleman which was cool to see.
Border control guy was very aggressive.
Wheelchair assist guy was very caring and kind
People are friendly enough, random people on the street helped me with directions when I asked.
Construction guys working on a building across from Arti’s place seemed stereotypical – oggle and hit on women walking by.
Arti’s place was easy to find. 260 West 53rd Street and 8th Ave. At first I thought it was a hotel, the lobby and doormen are that cool!

The apartment was larger than I expected. A 1 bedroom. Right in the heart of Manhattan, a few blocks from Time Square, broadway and 5th Avenue.

Had a shower, to freshen up. Took a walk to central park, wandered around towards the Met. Central park is beautiful (not as beautiful as JHB Botannical Garden). But better equipped. Bicycle lane, running lane, car lane. Lots of enclosed children’s play ground areas, beautiful flowers are blooming at the moment. Musicians and artists busking. Restaurants, lots of benches to sit on.
People exercising with their personal trainers. Cyclists whizzing by on their racers. People skateboarding and rollerblading. Tourists taking photos. People on a break from work having their lunches. Lots and lots of aupairs and the children they are taking care of. Lots of foreign type guys trying to solicit people to hire bicycles or be ridden around on a bicycle carriage type things.

When I reached the MET I was exhausted, it was sooo busy, so decided to go another day. I love the architecture of the buildings around central park on the East side.

Took a bus back towards 7th Ave. Got off on 5th Ave and did the typical non-NY resident thing, stepped off the bus, didn’t look left or right, just looked up. Got dirty looks from an older Asian guy that I obviously just stepped in front off. So quickly moved to the side, then looked up again! haha. Walked around 5th Ave a bit. Lots of designer stores. Lots of people queueing outside of Abbecrombie and Fitch. Lindt shop is sooo cool! so much variety that we don’t get at our Lindt shop. Pricey though.
Walked back to Arti’s, went to the Westerly shop (like a giant Fresh Earth store) across from her place. Bought a warm thai soup, tuna mayo sandwich, chips and coconut water. Was about $14. The soup was tasty.

Decided to nap for an hour, but just couldn’t get up again. Ended up sleeping from 3:30pm to 6pm. Also was feeling nauseus around 7pm, no appetite. Arti came home from work at around 8:30pm. We chatted, caught up, she gave me a tablet that made me feel better, then we took a walk around the neighbourhood. David Letterman building next door. Hell’s kitchen a block away. Cool Ramen noodle shop not too far either.

Starbucks hot chocolate is boring – nothing like the Starbucks in Europe (Belgian hot chocolate with whipped cream – awesomeness)

Love that stores are open 24 hours. Don’t like the insanely portioned food and drinks. Just crazy!
Thankful for having my earplugs – the city is noisy!