Life with a Malinois – Day 386

Chessy’s been acting up a bit this past week – digging huge holes in the garden, trying to rip our garden shade umbrella, eating roots and mud, and pooping where she shouldn’t. So difficult to correct her behaviour when it’s done when you don’t catch her in the act.

Bought her some new toys today, hope it will help keep her interested and busy when we aren’t with her.

Next Saturday, we are having a test at the GSD club. I think if we pass, we move up to second class (like grade 2). Not confident that I am ready. Chessy is not the best in the class but she ain’t the worst either. We’re doing alright. She’s a smart dog and naughty too!

So we go to the park almost everyday. Generally we take Chessy to Emmarentia dam but recently I’ve been taking her to George Hay Park in Parkview, Johannesburg. It is a lovely little well-maintained park in the heart of Parkview. It has a few swings, roundabout, see-saw and jungle gym. Also has some benches and lovely trees. There is a nice group of regular dog owners that take their dogs to the park in the afternoon. Chessy has made some friends and has loads of fun playing and running about.  This afternoon, we heard one of the typical highveld storms approaching in the distance. We decided to take a chance and maybe we would get a good half hour at the park before the storm hits. We were wrong! It came down suddenly, about 5min after we got to the park. Thought it would blow over as it was so windy. Took refuge under a big tree. The other dog owners made a dash to their cars. By the time we realised we should leave too, we were soaked through to our socks and inner soles, and a bit battered from the gale force winds and hail stones It was fun though! Gave a lift to a boxer named Henry and his owner to their home a few blocks from the park.  By the time we changed into dry clothes, the sky was blue and birds chirping again. Typical Jozi weather!

As for the food issue, we have Chessy back on the raw food. All her ‘problems’cleared up overnight. Clearly the raw food works best for her as opposed to the various brands of premium dog food that we tried.