Carol bought us each a Kindle earlier in June.  I can’t remember why we didn’t get a kindle before this. I’ve read 5 or 6 books already on it and am totally enjoying the experience. I’m sure I would have read many more books this year if I had it before. It’s so easy to hold, the screen is easy on my eyes and it looks darn close to the printing of a real book. E-ink technology is amazing even without a backlit screen.  Those Game of Throne books sure would have been easier to read on the kindle, if I were not struggling to hold the book open to the page I was on.

I have the Kindle without the keyboard and Carol has the one with the keyboard. After using both, I prefer the one without the keyboard, it has a smaller width and length, is lighter and easier to hold with one hand. Also there is not much need for a keyboard as the only time I used it was to type the password for the wireless network.  When I want to load a book, I connect it with the usb cable to my mac and copy the book over to the documents folder on the kindle.

Reading has become ‘interesting’ again and something i look forward to more often in the day when I get a chance. I can’t wait to finish a book and start a new one. I love the built in dictionary function too – especially helps with the classics. I’m rediscovering John Steinbeck at the moment. Have read 2 of his book this past week.

I think a Kindle is definitely one gadget every child of this generation should have (way more so than an ipad-if that were the choice). I have an ipad for over a year now and I have struggled to read for long periods of time on it. I’ve also struggled to get into any e-book on it because there are so many apps and so many other things that are distracting (to reading a book). Maybe children of today would read more if they had a kindle.

My mom is reading more now that she has one – mostly because she can adjust the font size on it and read without straining her eyes or using her reading glasses (which she really dislikes).