Life with a Malinois Day 36

Finding it hard to believe that we have Chessy for little over a month only.

After lots of research, I started her on the BARF (raw food diet) on Sunday. Slowly introduced the food mixed with her kibble and some cooked chicken mince to see if she liked it and if her tummy can handle it. By Tuesday she was eating more raw food and less cooked food. By Thursday, raw food only.

She loves it! Her tummy is not bloated, no more stinky gas passing, smaller firmer poo, less poo, less stinky poo, no more allergies, no more soft stools and no more scratching like a maniac.

I bought the food pre-packaged in 1kg packs from dog trainer Maxine Quinton – M5 Raw Natural Dog Food. If you’d like to know more about it visit Maxine’s website .  Remarkably besides being far more nutritious and balanced for the dog than commercial dog food – it works out much cheaper per month than the best dog food on the market – about R14-R18/kg. And the Dog Matters raw food made in CPT and supplied in JHB is about R30/kg.