Life with a Malinois – Day 28

Chessy will be 19 weeks old this Saturday 18 Feb 2012. She weighs about 15.5kg. She is off the leash in the house and is fairly well-behaved though I would not leave her unsupervised as yet. The balloons on the back door were a good deterrent and she has stopped jumping up on the door altogether. The jumping up on people when she is nervous or stressed has also lessened. We have come a long, positive way from our first week with Chessy.

We completed 4 puppy classes and started basic obedience classes last Saturday. We have to work more on walking on a leash without pulling, heeling, down stay, come.  She seems to know sit (very well), down (when motivated by food), look, no, drop (when we are playing with her toys), crate, poo/pee, her name.

At this stage she is quite comfortable with her crate and even goes into it on her own. We have been consistently taking her for energetic 30-45min walks/free-running at Emmarentia park depending on the weather. Spend a few minutes throughout the day practicing her basic commands and playing fetch with her kong toys.

She loves our male cat Charlie and follows him a lot or as much as he allows her to. Socially she is more confident with people and other dogs. And besides one “accident” on my study rug, she’s been very good at doing her business in the back garden. She loves the occasional carrot and celery stick, chewing grass and stones, sand and leaves. Highly alert and responsive, defiant and stubborn depending on her mood. Her energy levels peak in the morning and afternoons. During the day she is fairly sedate and will sleep by my feet whichever room I happen to be working from or follow me around with a toy in her mouth. She doesn’t like being out in the sun and strategically avoids it by walking in the shady patches.

I cooked food for her this week – minced chicken, carrot, greenbeans, rice.  She loves it. Considering trying out the RAW food diet (BARF). Will post an update on that.

Overall I am enjoying the experience of raising Chessy and life just wouldn’t be the same without her. She makes our lives more complicated but definitely more interesting. Having her encourages us to be more active on a daily basis, give more of ourselves, be less self-involved, more accepting, more patient, disciplined.