I love having my own house, my own space, my own garden. And best of all it is in an area of Johannesburg that I love and have always wanted to live.  But yikes, a house is a lot of work to maintain. Maybe I’m just feeling it now because it has been non-stop since August – waterproofing, paving, landscaping, irrigation, cladding, tiling, painting. Hoping, praying that we won’t have to do this sort of thing again for a few years! And it isn’t over yet. More to complete in January.

On a brighter note, it is definitely coming together. It’s come a long way since we first saw the property in January 2010. The place is looking great and the garden will be beautiful in a year from now with the trees and plants taller and more dense.

This has been a rough year. Emotionally and financially.

I have a feeling next year is going to be equally tough, but more positive overall on all fronts.

Looking forward