Landscaping drama

Caution: Hiring a landscaper to implement their own design can be a huge waste of money.  May just be better to pay them for their design R3k to R5k (instead of R100k) and implement it yourself with a team you know and trust. It could be a good idea to get the landscaper to source the plants for you. 

My experience during this past month has been painful.  
I’m sad and angry that there is no sense of responsibility from the landscaper we hired, to make sure she used a team of people that she knew and trusted and could guarantee their work, that adequate preparation was done and properly, with follow up visits to ensure the plants will live and thrive. 

It has been 10 days since they left the site.  Irrigation is NOT working as it should, the plants are looking really sad and most likely even dying. Many plants were not planted deep enough.  Some plants which need a lot of water (bamboo) are not getting enough water. The soil was not tested and corrected before planting. Grass is shooting up rapidly in the ‘flower beds’.

All we get in response to our concerns, is an ‘upbeat attitude’ that is not followed by any action to ease our concerns. Lack of responsibility – it’s your problem now – in that we will just need to pay more money to someone else to maintain and remove the grass shooting up in all the beds.

This experience I can safely say has been one of my worst experiences ever.

Irrigation that should have taken a day, a job that should have taken a maximum of 1.5 weeks has taken a month and is still not complete.  Incompetency, lies, empty promises – sorry for the ranting, but it is the truth.

We were assured that the prep would take 2 to 3 days and that the irrigation would take a 1 to 2 days, the planting would take a 2 to 3 days.

It has been my fault for not trusting my instincts and firing the lot from day one.  
Plumber who isn’t a plumber who thinks he is a plumber.  Site manager who is never on site. Staff who swing their pick, then take a 2 to 3 minute break before swinging again. Staff that takes a nap. Staff who should be on site at 7am, arrive at 8:30/9am, start working at 9am/9:15am, take a 1 hour lunch and then leave at 4pm. Staff who are incompetent, do every task wrong and has to re-do the next day. Irrigation done so incorrectly it isn’t funny (wrong piping, wrong parts, wrong placing) by so-called plumber. Staff who waste time and money. But the bottom line is it is the Landscapers who don’t know who is working for them. Landscapers who don’t give their ‘team leader’ a master plan so they know what they are working towards, what they should be doing each day. 

The only positive good things I have to say, the choice of plants is good, the placement of the plants, the wooden pergola(with some tweaking) and screen and decorative mirror is excellent.