A full July Sunday

Woke at 5:45am to get ready for my first WalkTheTalk. Entered the 15km walk, mostly as part of our training for the Otter Trail next month.  Nevanya and Nic met us at the house, walked 1.9km to the start line.  

The walk was fun. It was good to be out and active so early when the air is so cool and crisp. There were so many people, it was difficult to walk at a fast pace without bumping into someone. A lot of people would take photos and then stop dead in their tracks to show their mates. The vibe was great though – so many different types of people all enjoying the day together.

It is sad that adults find it so difficult to be responsible for their own rubbish and to take their empty water sachets, cups and bottles and store it away in their satchels/backpacks until the end of the race or till they passed by the many bins provided along the route.

We reached the finish at 10:46AM! I could barely stand having pulled a muscle about 5km before the finish line. After checking in and receiving our medals we walked the 1.9km back to the house!  

I collapsed on the couch for a moment or two while we decided where to replenish. Navigated the blocked-off roads to Tashas at Rosebank for an early lunch. The food was awesome! 

Picked up some dvds on our way home. Said ‘hi’ to MadLove who were having a Sunday session at Mamma’s in Greenside. 

At home, changed into our pjs, lay on the couch, watched our dvds. At 4pm, decided I could not end the day without a waffle from Trieste. Caught up with Jow and Wendy.  After waffles, we still had the whole evening left before MONDAY.

What a day!