March 2010

It is March 2010! Less than a hundred days to the Fifa World Cup hosted by South Africa. It feels like the entire country has been waiting for this forever and now it is almost here. The gautrain, the BRT bus system and the never-ending roadworks is finally all coming together and taking shape. The energy this year feels different. More of the positive is happening and I trust will continue to happen. My photography business is building up slowly but steadily. I am getting more photographer work opportunities, expanding my network and building a name for myself. I am so appreciative of the time, support and feedback from friends, family and people who like my work.

I have decided to buy a car. I always felt that I would drive my car till it couldn’t drive anymore. But I feel a need for a change – a car change. Hopefully the car that I choose will serve me well and that we will have a good happy time together (just as my toyota has).

Next month we start on upgrading the house we bought and hopefully get to move in by May.

I am looking forward to watch the new Alice and Wonderland movie!
old faithful
old faithful