New home

When I arrived back in JHB from Thailand I realised that the transfer of my apartment had gone through in December. I didn't want to pay rent so I decided to give myself a week to move out.  The first step was to move the boys to Carol's and integrate them with her girl cats. They were amazing. For indoor cats who had not interacted with other cats before- they did great and were so chilled with their new environment. After a few hours they were completely at ease. The trouble was with the resident girl cats. It took about 2 weeks for them to adjust and allow the boys to roam freely. By the 3rd week Charlie and Igby were ready to go outside and decided to push a window open. 

I was a nervous wreck as I wanted to let them out in a more controlled way or at least be apart of it instead of them sneaking out in the middle of the night.  When I went out to look for them, Igby ran inside the house straight away. Charlie took his time and even went into the neighbours yard. Over the next few days I let them out during the day and now they go out all by themselves through the flap in the front door.

Something amazing happened last weekend. We found a house in Greenside at a really good price and our offer was accepted. Yay! Finances are in order. Hoping to upgrade the house during April and move in by May.
Exciting times.

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