Thailand 2009 Day 7 to 14

Have not been too good in posting updates

We left Krabi on the 23rd of December.  Almost a whole day of travelling. Arrived in Koh Samui airport at 3pm, took a airport shuttle bus to the Big Buddha pier where we then waited till 5:30pm for the Lomprahya catamaran to take us to Thong Sala on Koh Phangan.  From there the hotel shuttle picked us up at the pier.  It was a good 45min slow bumpy ride across the island to Thong Nai Pan Noi beach where we’re staying at the Panviman resort.

It turns out that I’ve been to this beach before. In 5 years not much has changed in terms of the roads or lack of them.  The village though has grown a bit with a more restaurants, bungalows and some 5 star resorts such as Ra Sa Nan Da.

During the last few days in Koh Phangan we’ve been doing as little as possible which isn’t hard to do. we’re staying in one of the remotest parts of the island – it’s quite hard to get around here without a 4×4 vehicle. Luckily the village is just a short walk from the resort. We found a great local spa called Tanaporn Spa (named after the owner) and have had a few really awesome massages at a fraction of the cost of a JHB spa.  Also discovered a nice little local restaurant called ‘Again and Again’. Best food in the village so far.

On Christmas eve, the hotel had a big buffet supper and had some local entertainment. Met up with the Chundras afterward who are staying in a really amazing hotel called Santhiya.  Didn’t do much on Christmas day, spent it on the beach and went swimming mostly.

The beach is beautiful. it has some waves unlike the beaches in Krabi, which makes it a little more interesting to swim in.  On Carol’s birthday we went on an elephant trek in the forest. Our elephant was only interested in eating, peeing, and pooing. haha! so we didn’t get very far in the 40min that we were on it.  After the elephant trek we went to the spa for a 2 hour body care package. my massage lady was a bit too ‘thorough’ for me… when she did the full body scrub :/

we went to a half-moon party at Haad Rin beach – across the island from where we’re staying.  Didn’t have such a great energy as it used to. There were a lot of young european teenagers who probably just finished high school on a school break. they have no respect for the place, the people. boys just lining up peeing on the beach, while just a little way from where they are peeing, people are swimming. it was disappointing and gross. Just didn’t have the same feel as the last time… like the thai people have just rolled over for the tourists … after the tsumani. Guess you do what you have to to survive.  The thai’s rely almost purely on tourism to make a living.

the part of the island that we’re staying at though is still a little more untouched by the young foreign folks.

3.5 days left on the island, then its back home to SA and it’s heavy traffic and road construction.

I’m looking forward to the New Year, looking forward to 2010, to things going a little easier, to dreams becoming reality, to our new home, to my photography business expanding, to discovering new talents and nurturing the ones i’m aware of and making them work for me in the best positive way possible.


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