to love

You may have noticed that i have not published a Tokyo Part 2 yet… not certain that i will.

I passed my motorcycle learner’s test last week Wednesday. The first test of any kind that I have written since leaving university. Something I have been wanting to do for a long time.  Now i need to find a suitable motorcycle, one that I can learn on without injuring myself too much.  The riding that I did on my yamaha dirt bike when I was younger and the riding course I did a couple years ago will surely help.

Friday night was interesting. Went to my 3rd year-end function for this season. 7i’s year-end at Linger Longer. The company, food and venue were superb. I don’t think I have mentioned in here before that since November 1st I have officially been in a relationship. =)
I won’t go into the details and will try to refrain from getting too mushy but I will say that I am incredibly blessed to be apart of this wonderful woman’s life and have her be apart of mine.  Ahhh… to love… these are interesting times indeed.

This weekend my ladylove and I are flying down to the western cape to a  coastal town called George where we are then driving to Plettenberg Bay. I have not been to Plett since I was about 9 or 10 years old. All I remember of the place is Beacan Island Hotel.

Been quite moody, a little morbid, sad, irritable, a bit anxious since Thursday last week. Shaking it off today… as there is really no reason to be feeling any of that…

I am connected to the love.