Voting, Elections: C’mon people, we have the power, be the change

i'm yet to write about my tokyo experience. till then, i have been thinking
more about elections and voting and having the power to change our world.
if anything the recent US elections should do, is inspire citizens of
countries like South Africa to vote in their upcoming elections.
And yet I find myself trying to convince people to register this weekend to
vote. it is insane and sad and concerning how apathetic people are in this
country and yet so feeling that they are deserving of everything without
putting in anything… without trying to make things happen for themselves
or as a collective as a community, as a nation. i was trying to explain to
some of my colleagues that if there are millions of others who think the
same way as they do (that their vote doesn't matter) and that there will
never be change, then there won't be any change.
also that… we may not have strong leaders to vote for, but we do have the
power to spread ruling power from the majority ruling party to opposition
and minority parties simply by not voting for the ruling party and voting
for opposition parties. but by voting nonetheless. but if we don't vote at
all… then we are just giving power to the ruling party… and enabling
them to carry on their crap..

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