october weekend – one

Been a busy few days, a busy week, a busy month… This hosting business or
lack of business but generosity and openess is taking its toll on the spare
time. Though, when in the moment it is interesting and fun. No regrets.
Ventured into the twilight zone on Saturday night. Seriously, I'm sure while
we were hurtling along Trichardt Road in Boksburg, we may have been abducted
by aliens and not even realised it. We drove along this road till it was no
more, till it became a power plant. Turned around and eventually found the
Black Dahlia about 15min back. Encountered pool hustling psycho couple from
hell. The band and the music and the company made that trip more than

Had a relatively chilled out sunday afternoon at the Wild Olive in Greenside to
celebrate Za's "Four-Oh" Birthday. There was great food, excellent champagne
and an interesting mix of people to share the time with.

Went to Emmerentia dam/Jozi Botannical Gardens, wandered around in the hot
sun. Took a drive through the city centre hoping that Guildhall pub was
opened but all the roads were being dug up by Neotel (f&^$%). Then just
headed to cool temperature controlled mall to eat sushi and watch a movie.

Not the most eventful weekend… but just enough to be exhausting some how.

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