Sheriss – 05 September 2008 09:35:47 AM

Sheriss is now of the belief that this being in like thing is over-rated.

It can just drive one crazy especially when you have a tendency to obsess.  I think it’s cool if the person you’re in like with is feeling similar and is sort of reciprocating.  I talk way too much and too openly about how I feel. It’s bad, very bad. Most times it just pushes people away, scares ’em off. Sometimes very rarely though, they appreciate it… and open up as well.

I’m over it for now.

Last week we (some of the BHP BIlliton Manganese staff) volunteered at the Lambano Sanctuary which is an HIV Aids orphanage.  We worked in the garden. Lots and lots of plants found a home in the garden.  Quite a challenge for myself who has never gardened before except to dig out the weeds from my little pot plants.  Some of the photos are here