My uncle died this morning…

My uncle died this morning/midday, in his home, alone. I feel sad for his family, but I also feel happy that he is finally at peace and has escaped his cancer ravaged body.

I was on this high for most of the week, just feeling positive, feeling a positive shift in my life. Good things happening.  One good thing leading to another good thing.

Today the universe seemed to be trying to balance my high out with some really shitty things.  One of which was some fucknut who smashed into the passenger front door of my car that was parked on the road in Parkhurst while we were at the the Mugg & Bean between 1pm and 2:30pm which was when we heard the news about my uncle. And whoever the fucknut was just drove off. No witnesses, no note, nothing.

When I got home after discovering the state of my car, found that the cleaning lady was still at home. She said that she had fallen off a chair and injured her shoulder. I had to get my stuff together, pack and arrange for someone to take care of the kittens…

Although we had left independently of each other, we 3 cars ended up on the M2 east at the same time towards the N3 highway and drove in convoy all the way to PMB. It made the journey a lot less lonely.

My love to the Chundra family.

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