I had my first photo…

I had my first photo job on Friday last week. It was for a Womens' Day Function at work for all the women at the BHP Billiton office, about 150 women. Tiring work but lots of fun.

Not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post but last month I went up to the hellipad on top of the building with the maintenance manager and took some shots of the city.  I was so excited as I was walking up there, it was stunning.

Last week I hosted a fellow couchsurfer, Annette.

This was her first stop on her around-the-world tour.
The day started with picking Annette up from the airport hostel that she was staying at, took her to Nice in Parkhurst for lunch where we also met up with Faizal. From there we drove around the city centre for a bit, then through Sandton city on our way to Neil's house for tea.


After tea we headed to the Westcliff hotel where we had sundowners at the Polo Lounge pool deck while we enjoyed the amazing view. 

From the westcliff to Melville for a gig at Trancesky. Faiz and I tried to show Annette the 'other side' of Johannesburg and just how we spend our weekends.  Annette was not planning on entering the city at all because of the crime and violence that she has heard so much about. I think we did a fairly good job of giving her an overview of JHB life.

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