Highs and lows

I had a fairly good week.  There were no lows, some highs and overall positiveness.  I published my website and have been getting some good feedback and support from friends and family.

Last Friday was a work dinner/function and was held at Hazeldene Hall which is just around the corner from where I live. I did not realise this and a driver was sent to chauffer us to the venue and back again (which was literally less than a kilometer away). The venue was lovely, the food was superb.

I cooked steaks for dinner last night for Nani and myself.  Rare steaks.  Nani was eating in her room, left her food unattended went to the bathroom and when she returned, after a moment’s confusion, screamed out in realisation that Charlie & Igby stole her steak off her plate and were chewing on it in the corner of her room. She was not impressed.

My mom asked me what were my highs and lows yesterday.  I replied that one was the shower I had when I woke up which defrosted me and kept me warm till I got to work.  The box of chocolates that one of my colleagues left on my desk to say thank you for getting her a new laptop battery. There were no lows, but I don’t recall anything else standing out as a high.

The gym at work is closed for a week while they relocate from the basement to the 10th Floor.  I am feeling lazy already.

Side note:
A week or so ago I noticed a poster stuck on several of the street light poles which was headed
‘ABORTIONS’ and to this effect ‘Affordable, Painless and Quick. Call Doctor xxx-xxxx’. The poster was one of which you would possibly advertise a car for sale or that your pet was missing with little strips of paper on the end to take a phone number.  Downtown Johannesburg, the lower end of Harrison Street near the Home Affairs building.